Update on MyHeritage

MyHeritage.com can be evolving rapidly. completely new features are being added regularly. Some of these alterations are refinements to existing features however some add completely completely new features. I will try to highlight the alterations as well as completely new features as they occur.

At the forefront of these alterations can be their DNA Testing as well as Reporting. For example, from the view of my own DNA report, there are several additions as well as alterations. One important feature can be the little gear icon.

In This particular popup menu, you can choose which of the views, based on the variation of the Beta test, that will you want to view. Here are my more refined results after applying the latest Beta test.

You can see more specific details than the original report that will was displayed at the beginning of This particular post. I will be writing more about these alterations from the very near future. Also, for the present, if you subscribe to MyHeritage.com, you can upload another company’s DNA test as well as contain the results included in your ethnicity estimate.

Another completely new feature of the program can be the Tree Consistency Checker.

This particular can be a valuable addition to your family tree on MyHeritage.com. However, that will may precipitate a domino effect with your existing data, especially if you compare what you have with what can be on the FamilySearch.org Family Tree, just to mention one possibility. For example, the first entry in my list of problems raises some extensive issues with some traditional information that will has been put into the Family Tree by additional users. This particular one problem raises hours of research as well as review.

Photo Discovery

The completely new Photo Discovery section can be from the Discoveries tab as well as then from the Instant Discoveries option.

If you have any Photo Discoveries, they will show up when you click on the link.

One of the issues with the family tree view on MyHeritage.com can be the way female names are shown. Previously, changing the view was difficult to find. today there can be a shortcut to change the way female names are presented in your family tree. When you are from the family tree view, there can be a gear icon from the upper right-hand corner that will gives you quite a few formatting options, including customizing the way female names are displayed.

You have several choices as well as can decide how you want additional options to be displayed also.

Stay tuned for more DNA comments as well as additional alterations on the website.

Update on MyHeritage

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