A homeland, nevertheless not the homeland

This specific seems increasingly likely that will ancient DNA has identified a massive expansion, or a series of expansions, coming from Mesopotamia along with/or surrounds in basically all directions dating to the Chalcolithic (ChL) along with Bronze Age (BA). This specific phenomenon will be mainly characterized by the simultaneous spread of:

– Iran_ChL-related genome-wide ancestry

– Y-haplogroup J

– South Caspian-specific mitochondrial haplogroups such as R2 along with U7

At least two of these characteristics are shared by 5 groups that will have appeared inside Near Eastern along with African ancient DNA record as probable post-Neolithic newcomers, at least in part, at their respective sampling sites:

Anatolia_BA, Western Turkey, 2836-1800 calBCE (Lazaridis et al.2017)

Egyptian mummies, Middle Egypt, 776-2 calBCE (Schuenemann et al. 2017)

Iran_ChL, Western Iran, 4839-3796 calBCE (Lazaridis et al. 2016)

Levant_BA, Northwestern Jordan, 2489-1966 calBCE (Lazaridis et al. 2016)

Sidon_BA, Southern Lebanon, 1750-1600 BCE (Haber et al. 2017)

I’m confident that will many more such groups will soon be added to the ancient DNA record, probably including Levant_ChL coming from the upcoming Harney et al. 2017 (a teaser of the paper can be seen here). Below, a map of Mesopotamia courtesy of “>Wikipedia.

This specific’s an interesting along with important question who these likely Mesopotamian migrants along with their descendants were in terms of linguistic affinities. This specific seems that will they left a massive genetic imprint on the Near East along with much of North Africa, along with perhaps also Central Asia along with Southeastern Europe, so they probably also left some sort of linguistic legacy.

Obviously, This specific’s highly improbable that will most of them were Indo-European speakers. So if most of them weren’t Indo-Europeans, then the phenomenon I’m describing here can’t be related to the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) expansion. Forget the idea of an West Asian linguistic hot spot spewing out different, distantly related language families, including Indo-European, via the migrations of closely related Iran_ChL-like populations over a span of a few thousand years; This specific’s plain stupid.

So who were they?

A homeland, nevertheless not the homeland

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