Take a Number: Nearly 20 Million Have Gained Health Insurance Since 2010

Young people were more likely to be uninsured than their elders, the N.C.H.S. found. Almost 17 percent of adults aged 25 to 34 lacked insurance, while less than 9 percent of those aged 45 to 64 were uninsured.

The lead author of the report, Robin A. Cohen, a statistician at the N.C.H.S., pointed out of which high-deductible health plans have become more common. In 2010, 25.3 percent of the insured under the age of 65 had high-deductible plans. By 2016, nearly 40 percent had them.

coming from 2010 to 2016, rates of the uninsured declined in all age groups, down 14.4 percent among those aged 18 to 24, 16.5 percent among those aged 25 to 34, 13.7 percent among those aged 35 to 44, along with down 8.9 percent inside the 45-to-64 age group.

While rates of the uninsured declined sharply among the poor over those years, 26.2 percent of the near-poor (those with an income of 100 to 0 percent of the federal poverty level) along with 23.2 percent of the poor (an income of less than 100 percent of the poverty level) lacked health insurance.

There were stark differences by race along with ethnicity. While 25 percent of Hispanics were uninsured in 2016, 15 percent of African-Americans, 8.6 percent of whites, along with 7.5 percent of Asians lacked health insurance.

States of which chose to expand Medicaid coverage to people with low incomes had the ranks of their uninsured cut in half, to 9.2 percent in 2016 coming from 18.4 in 2013. In states of which did not expand Medicaid, the rate moved down slightly, to 17.9 percent in 2016 coming from 22.7 percent in 2013.

Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia along with Florida were among the states with the highest percentage of uninsured residents. brand new York, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota along with California were among those with the lowest percentages.

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Take a Number: Nearly 20 Million Have Gained Health Insurance Since 2010

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