Global Health: A Global Health Scorecard Finds U.S. Lacking

The report further judged countries relative to how rich they were along with how much richer they became through 1990 to 2015. (Some regions, like Latin America, Eastern Europe along with parts of Asia, became much wealthier. Africa did not, although its health care delivery benefited through donated vaccines along with AIDS drugs, for example.)

Poor countries were judged based on how well they did at simple things, like vaccinating against diphtheria or curing pneumonia. Middle-income countries had to meet higher standards, like successful surgeries for appendicitis along with hernia, or treatment for epilepsy along with birth problems.

along with wealthy countries were judged on all those, plus success at treating breast, colon along with skin cancer, diabetes, heart disease along with so on.

The highest-ranked countries, besides tiny Andorra, the winner, were Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway along with Australia. The lowest inside rankings were the Central African Republic, Afghanistan along with Somalia.

The United States ranked 35th. of which ranked worse than many of its peers in curing pneumonia, lymphoma along with skin cancer, in managing diabetes along with heart disease along with in medical mistakes along with malpractice.

Some countries, including India, Indonesia along with South Africa, got relatively worse at saving their citizens through death even as they got richer.

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Global Health: A Global Health Scorecard Finds U.S. Lacking

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