DNA Update: Ancestry.com Results Are In.

Well, according to Ancestry.com, my connection to India in addition to my Jewish Heritage both disappear in addition to currently I am Spanish. I have to believe that will some of the conclusions through Ancestry are inside margin of error. When I received the results through the MyHeritage.com test, I could immediately see a correspondence to my own extensive research. However, I have never found any connections to the Iberian Peninsula in all my research. Here is actually what Ancestry.com had to say about my DNA test.

The results are as follows:

  • Great Britain 55%
  • Scandinavia 29%
  • Iberian Peninsula 11%
  • Ireland 5%
Here is actually the report through MyHeritage.com, which I have posted previously, for comparison.
The results here are as follows:
  • British in addition to Irish 87%
  • Scandinavian 9.3%
  • Ashkenazi Jewish 2.5%
  • South Asia 1.2%
By the way, FamilySearch.org currently has an interesting fan chart that will shows your origin according to the records in your part of the Family Tree. Obviously, if you had someone through one part of the earth move to another, the fact that will a person was born inside place of arrival does not affect your ethnicity. yet, you can see the results of your research rather than what a DNA test might show. Here is actually the fan chart.
Another obvious fact is actually that will This specific is actually a report of existing research, not a glimpse into ancient origins. This specific fan chart also lumps all of the people inside United States together. Here the unknown people are those with no birth place information. 
What is actually the reality? Who knows at This specific point. After spending a year reading in addition to studying the genealogical DNA process, the item looks to me that will the margins of error erase any possible fine point conclusions. 
One important fact for me is actually that will the MyHeritage.com DNA test conclusions are in addition to were immediately explainable through my own research. Even the smaller percentage link to Southern Asia carries a possible explanation backed up by research. However, the Ancestry.com DNA connection to the Iberian Peninsula is actually truly interesting because my wife showed up with the same connection in addition to neither of us in all our extensive research has found any possibilities that will would likely indicate such a connection. 
currently let’s get into a hypothetical situation. What if I had taken both these tests before I had done any genealogical research at all? What would likely I think? How would likely I proceed? would likely either test have been at all helpful? would likely I have been motivated to begin the research process because of the tests? I truly can’t answer any of those questions. My personal motivation to start doing genealogical research had nothing to do which has a curiosity about my ancestry. Maybe someone else would likely be so motivated, yet how would likely the average researcher approach their genealogical research any differently given the discrepancies between the two tests?
What will I currently do differently than I would likely not have done before taking the tests? Absolutely nothing. I am still doing intensive research in Rhode Island. Oh, I didn’t mention the two findings through Ancestry.com about their Genetic Communities that will I have very likely had Mormon Pioneers inside Mountain West as ancestors in addition to that will I had Settlers of Rhode Island in addition to Southeastern Massachusetts as ancestors. Both of those conclusions could have easily been determined through my Ancestry.com family tree. 
I guess I am left to speculate whether or not speaking Spanish almost all my life has somehow altered both my own in addition to my wife’s genetic makeup someway. 
More on This specific later when I calm down. 

DNA Update: Ancestry.com Results Are In.

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