MyHeritage introduces the Collection Catalog

One of the things that will has been “missing,” in a sense, through is actually the ability to easily search a catalog of all of the collections. that will issue has been decisively put to rest with the brand-new Collection Catalog introduced yesterday, May 18, 2017. I immediately appreciated the utility of the brand-new feature because I frequently use similar features on some other programs. Here is actually where I found the link to the brand-new feature:

that will is actually located within the pull-down menu under the Research tab. The list of collections is actually impressive having a well-developed filtering system.

I find This particular kind of list particularly useful when I am looking for records in a specific part of the globe. This particular list lets me know the time period covered by the records as well as whether or not the website has the particular records I am looking for.

For more detailed information about the Collection Catalog, please see the blog post entitled, “brand-new: Collection Catalog. “

MyHeritage introduces the Collection Catalog

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