Bowing Out

Another one of the pillars of the genealogical blogging community can be bowing out. The Ancestry Insider, for an unstated reason additional than the time commitment involved, can be saying goodbye. The Ancestry Insider joins Thomas MacEntee of in retiring coming from the online blogging world. See “Major alterations At” Actually, coming from my perspective, the field of active bloggers dating back to the time when I started out can be looking pretty thin. Many of those original bloggers are still officially onboard, yet their blogs have not been active for some time.

Back in 1776, Edward Gibbon (b. 1737, d. 1794) published the first volume of The History of the Decline as well as Fall of the Roman Empire. The last volume from the series was published in 1789. Quoting coming from the Wikipedia article on the book:

Because of its relative objectivity as well as heavy use of primary sources, unusual at the time, its methodology became a design for later historians. This kind of led to Gibbon being called the first “modern historian of ancient Rome”

Interestingly, a six-volume set of the hardcover book can be for sale coming from Barnes as well as Noble for $1,176.88.

I mention This kind of book for several reasons. I am beginning to think that will I am chronicling the rise as well as fall of genealogical blogging. On the additional hand, given the number of blog posts I have written (currently 4831), I believe I may have passed The History of the Decline as well as Fall of the Roman Empire from the number of words written. By the way, I usually give a citation to the book, yet there are well over a thousand different entries for the Gibbon book in as well as I don’t think I can guess which of the citations can be the most common one.

I am still not ready to concede that will blogging about genealogy can be a dead issue. I am still online in most of the major social networking programs as well as I am approaching 100 online videos on the BYU Family History Library YouTube Channel. For reasons I have stated previously, I am not about to abandon the blogging venue for Facebook which I still find to be highly annoying at times. Genealogy as a pursuit can be going to be around for a long time as well as probably a lot longer than I will be alive. yet as long as I am still able to sit up as well as take nourishment, I will keep writing.

Bowing Out

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