Two early Slavs by Bohemia

Two Bohemian Bell Beaker genomes by Allentoft et al. 2015 – RISE568 and also also also RISE569 – are labeled as early Czech Slavs from the fresh Mathieson et al. 2017 preprint (see rows 148 and also also also 149 from the spreadsheet here).

Obviously these samples were initially wrongly dated to the Bronze Age and also also also misidentified. They genuinely date to 0-900 CE and also also also 660-770 calCE, respectively. that will’s an unfortunate mistake, however also an interesting situation, because they’ve been analyzed in great detail in several papers and also also also on This particular blog, and also also also no one suspected that will anything was wrong.

So the fact that will these two Medieval Slavs by East Central Europe passed so convincingly for eastern Bell Beakers will be a hint of very strong genetic continuity from the region since the Bronze Age. Indeed, they’re very similar to present-day Czechs, western Poles (by Poznan), and also also also eastern Germans, except perhaps with lower excess Western Hunter-Gatherer (WHG) ancestry and also also also higher Yamnaya-related ancestry.

This particular will be where RISE569, the higher coverage of the two genomes, clusters in my Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of West Eurasian populations.

Unfortunately, both are females, so there’s no Y-DNA data. however I suspect that will if there was, we’d probably know something was wrong, because their Y-chromosome haplogroups may have turned out to be relatively young Slavic-specific subclades of R1a-M548 and also also also/or R1a-Z280.

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Two early Slavs by Bohemia

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