MyHeritage announces DNA testing in addition to Founder Population Project

I was notified which today MyHeritage Launches its own Global DNA Testing Service for uncovering ethnic origins in addition to doing completely new family connections. In addition, MyHeritage’s unique Founder Population project is usually anticipated to empower the highest resolution ethnicity analysis available today. As the basis because of which completely new service, MyHeritage is usually introducing an international mass-market home-testing kit which is usually simple, affordable in addition to will offer some of the best ethnicity reports from the globe. Quoting coming from the announcement, 

MyHeritage DNA kits are available at the affordable introductory cost of $79 + shipping (prices vary by location). To order, visit the MyHeritage DNA website. MyHeritage has already amassed a significant number of DNA kits uploaded by its users coming from different DNA services, providing valuable matches on MyHeritage coming from day one. With the launch of MyHeritage DNA, the company will cease to offer DNA kits of different vendors. Users who have already tested their DNA on different services are welcome for a limited time to upload their DNA data to MyHeritage at no cost to benefit coming from free DNA Matches.

The process of testing your DNA is usually explained as follows:

DNA is usually the hereditary material from the cells of the human body in addition to which carries within which a unique genetic record. The MyHeritage DNA kit enables users to test their DNA to reveal valuable information about their family history in addition to ethnic origins. The kit consists of a simple cheek swab in addition to takes only a minute to complete, with no need for blood or saliva. The sample is usually then mailed to MyHeritage DNA’s lab for analysis in addition to the user is usually invited to view the results on the MyHeritage website. In its initial type, MyHeritage DNA provides two main features: detailed ethnicity reports which map the user’s ethnic in addition to geographic origins, in addition to DNA Matches for finding relatives. Additional features in addition to capabilities are planned for the future.

The results of the test will be compared to the tests completed by a potential user base of 84 million. The Founder Project is usually explained as follow:

MyHeritage DNA results include fascinating ethnicity reports, showing the percentage of the user’s DNA which come coming from different populations around the globe. The initial reports currently include 25 ethnicities, yet which will improve dramatically thanks to MyHeritage’s unique Founder Population project unveiled today — the largest of its kind ever conducted. More than 5000 participants have been handpicked because of which project by MyHeritage coming from its 85 million members, by virtue of their family trees exemplifying consistent ancestry coming from the same region or ethnicity for many generations. from the next few months, the project will be completed, resulting in a rich DNA data set of more than 100 ethnicities which will enable MyHeritage to show users their ancestral roots with far greater resolution than different services. To which end, the company has been sending its DNA kits to project participants far in addition to wide, coming from Uzbekistan to Fiji, coming from Greenland to South Africa, in addition to every corner of the globe. Standard ethnicity reports are currently available, with the expert reports to be released at no additional cost to users following the completion of the Founder Population project.

MyHeritage announces DNA testing in addition to Founder Population Project

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